M.Sc. Lukas Pröhl

Research Scientist

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University of Rostock
Chair of Mechatronics

Justus-von-Liebig Weg 6
18059 Rostock
Raum: UT02

Tel.: +49 381 / 498 - 9213
Fax: +49 381 / 498 - 9092

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  • modelling and simulation of traction chains within rolling stock
  • development of a simulation tool to assess technical innovations and optimize energy consumption in railway application
  • development of model-predictive control techniques


Supervision of technical courses

Student projects

Student projects

Student projects

  • P.-E. Haacker: Basic Methods for the Detection and Description of Characteristic Features in Camera Data. Bachelor thesis (in German), September 2020.
  • T. Schmidt: Initial operation of a mobile robot for the application in autonomous driving. Bachelor thesis (in German),September 2020.
  • H. Erle: Initiation of a Lidar-System for the operation in autonomous driving. Bachelor thesis (in German), September 2020.
  • M. Albarbarawi: Multimodal optimization for the energy-optimal trajectory planning of railway vehicles. Bachelor thesis (in German), April 2020.
  • Z. Wang: Application of the SLAM algorithm for the localization of a mobile robot. Master student project (in German), April 2020.
  • V. Birr: Control and trajectory planning for the horizontal dynamic of a hovercraft test rig, Bachelor thesis (in German), September 2019.
  • J. Bauer: Implementation of observer techniques for the parameter identification of a hovercraft test rig, Bachelor thesis (in German), September 2019.
  • E. Eichler, N. Günther, B. Wilmes: Identification and commissioning of a hovercraft test rig, Bachelor project mechatronic (in German), April 2019.
  • M. Vagts: Modelling and actor identification for a miniature segway roboter. Bachelor projekt mechatronic (in German), April 2019.
  • J. Bauer, V. Birr: Analysis and optimization of eneergy consumption of electric driven railway vehicles. Bachelor project mechatronic, April 2018.


Reviewed Papers

  1. Rauh, Andreas; Krägenbring, Ole; Pröhl, Lukas; Aschemann, Harald: Sensitivity-Based Approaches for an Efficient Design of Learning-Type Controllers of a Flexible High-Speed Rack Feeder System, Proc. of IEEE Multi-Conference on Systems and Control, Antibes, France, 2014.

Further publications

  1. Pröhl, Lukas: Nonlinear techniques for the identification and observer-based control for mobile robots, Masterthesis, Chair of Mechatronics, University of Rostock, September 2016.
  2. Pröhl, Lukas: Comparision of model-based control and state estimation for a small-scale segway robot, Studentproject, Chair of Mechatronics, University of Rostock, March 2016.
  3. Pröhl, Lukas: Modelling, identification and control of a test rig for magnetic bearing, Bachelorthesis, Chair of Mechatronics, University of Rostock, September 2014.